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About us

We offer software products and consulting services to support big data technology (BDT) projects. Technology independence is a fundamental characteristic of our product development and consulting services. Our software is fully portable, can be deployed on any platform, either on premises or in cloud, can be integrated with any system and work as part of any architectural stack.

Our solutions are time- and cost-efficient. Our products have exceptionally fast response times with extremely low hardware requirements. This represents an enabler of a variety of big data applications and an opportunity for our customers to work on their business KPIs with no technical or economic scalability limitations.


We take on the business and technical challenges of our customers to provide ad hoc solutions. We measure our success based on our customers’ business KPIs. We believe in continuous innovation, accepting challenges and providing the flexibility needed to solve business and technical issues along the way.

Our team has long-standing cross-industry experience, including retail, financial services, telco, media, transport&logistics, utilities and energy, manufacturing, healthcare, earth observation and geospatial services. We have BDT-related ad hoc software deployed in a variety of companies. We provide special-purpose BDT-related system integration services.

We own a big data platform that is fully modular and can be used according to the actual needs of our customers. We do not charge for the use of the platform. Our customers pay for our team’s work only, according to a standard consulting time and material pricing schema.


Big Data Platform

Table Query Server



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Big Data Platform

Our platform supports the application of machine learning techniques to application problems that involve very large quantities of data. The platform is fully scalable and has minimum hardware requirements. It is primarily focused on data preparation and deployment, supporting the real-time integration of machine learning models with business processes. The platform includes the following modules:

  • automated data ingestion, cleaning and standardization
  • proprietary supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms (fully parallel, time efficient)
  • data science engine for fully automated model training
  • automated deployment (automated generation of packaged trained models with REST APIs for deployment)
  • reinforcement learning functionalities for streaming data support functionalities, from data ingestion to deployment
  • building blocks for natural language processing (NLP)


Table Query Server (TQS)

TQS is a server that provides REST APIs that can retrieve records from large CSV files in the µs time scale with commodity hardware (low-end servers with magnetic hard disks). This response time represents an enabler of business KPIs in many applications, including data lakes as well as traditional datawarehouses. Given the low hardware requirements and favorable economics of TQS, it is successfully applied in use cases where the frequent real-time access to massive tables can provide gains only below a given cost threshold. It can also revamp the scalability of legacy architectures.